My Sunday Loves: The (New) Bean Girl

Growing up in New England, while playing at my grandmothers’ feet and watching classic movies, I learned to appreciate functional and classic style.  Thanks to their examples, I have an undying passion for the kind of style that can be repeated over and over and kicked up a notch with surprise elements.

Call it Yankee frugality or just good sense, but there’s something amazing to me about getting a closet full of great elements that can be dressed up or down as necessary.

I’ve been admiring (and purchasing) LLBean’s Signature pieces since their launch.  I have yet to be disappointed.  What could make a New England girl more happy than to know that she can buy her Bean boots AND get a great dress from the outfitter she grew up loving?  Not much.  Unless they’re also serving lobster.  Hey, a girl has to eat!

Here’s an outfit I’m eyeing for the summer:


  1. Pearls by JCrew
  2. Pearl Earrings by JCrew
  3. Striped Bag by Kate Spade
  4. Leopard Ballet Flats by Tieks
  5. Poplin Dress by LLBean Signature

I know in aggregate that these items are a bit pricey, but the beauty of every piece is that they’re totally versatile and investment pieces.  Also, I’m planning on picking up the Tieks as a reward for my CrossFit progress, but I also have a KILLER pair of leopard print pumps from Aerosoles that I intend on also wearing and I found those at TJMaxx for $20!  SCORE!

4 Responses to My Sunday Loves: The (New) Bean Girl

  1. Mary Hart says:

    I need those shoes — or shoes like it — on the immediate. Love!

  2. April says:

    Can’t pull off the orange myself, but that BAG! I want!

    • Jessica says:

      April, I think it’s more poppy, but I hear you. I’m not sure how it’s going to look on me. There is a navy blue version as well. Very cute.

      The bag is amazing. I do wish they had it in blue and white though. But that’s just my nautical obsession shining through.

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