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Suck It Up, Buttercup (or CrossFit Rocks)

I drank the Kool-Aid about four months ago and joined the CrossFit cult.  It’s been part of my effort to not only be healthy, set a healthy example for my kids, but also to reclaim some of ME.  I love being a mother.  You’ll hear me talk about how it’s the best thing I’ve everContinue Reading

Hallelujah: DOMA Is Crushed

I cannot think of a better title for a post about today.  I do realize that I’m long overdue for a post, but I’ve been a maniac since returning from NYC.  It’s a good thing.  I’ve been busy doing all sorts of things, including running a 5k.  And preparing content for the blog in theContinue Reading

AltNYC or Bust!

That’s right.  I’m headed to AltNYC tomorrow.  I am so excited that I could scream.  I probably will.  I might even squeal. I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like ages.  I’m so excited to get in a room of creative thinkers, stylists, writers, etc.  And oh, oh, oh!  Did I mention that it’sContinue Reading

Father’s Day

Father’s Day has been a tough day for me as long as I can remember.  Without getting into details, I can simply say that my childhood could have been better.  The positive side of that declaration — and what led to it —  is that I learned early what I would and wouldn’t want toContinue Reading