Father’s Day

Father’s Day has been a tough day for me as long as I can remember.  Without getting into details, I can simply say that my childhood could have been better.  The positive side of that declaration — and what led to it —  is that I learned early what I would and wouldn’t want toContinue Reading

Daily Dylan: Tangled Up In Blue

This song is older than I am, but not by much.  I remember that when I was little, I was both frightened and mesmerized by Bob Dylan’s painted face as he sang this song.  Needless-to-say, it’s still one of my most favourite Dylan tunes and it’s today’s Daily Dylan. You’ll hear me say this aContinue Reading

What’s that Daily Dylan all about?

So, Daily Dylan is me posting some of my favourite Dylan tunes.  I’ll share why I love them, what they mean to me, and maybe, just maybe, someone else will love them, too. Growing up with Bob Dylan was definitely one of the great things my parents did for me.  Bob is one of thoseContinue Reading